5 year anniversary

 After Show Recap

Floral attire encouraged | 10 pm | 907 S Peters St 


the accidental child of New Orleans funk/ electronica quartet, Gravity A. Fou and Drew developed a unique way of using loopstation combined with live drums, live keyboards, and vocals to create a full sound capable of being played at any venue, big or small.


Unicorn Fukr-

co-owns the bass music label Versed Recordings with partners Quickie Mart and Organik. He is also a dance music promoter and his company Horn & Tail produces the weekly dubstep/bass music event Church Nola and co-produces the monthly house/techno event KOMPRESSION with Antipop.


Oscillation Communications-

built a studio in a suitcase! This guy is the southeast's longest running, hardware-based live electronica act, utilizing various analog, digital, and hybrid synthesis, sampling, and live multi-instrumentalism with a wide range of cross genre beats..... All live, no computers allowed!


The DabMaster-

an electronic music producer, he began his musical career playing upright bass when he was 7 years old. Shah ignited the spark for sound design at a young age as he tested his ability to create different moods over a variety of genres. Ten year later, his passion for auditory experiences has led him to own Seriously Sik rentals: high definition sound with professional audio equipment.