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Pay What You Want to Request a Meeting

Ask me anything about marketing, sales, Deafness, the music industry, etc...

How to Access Discord Server Link

1. Site Members and Affiliates

Site members and affiliate team members are invited to chat with me in Discord. Please join the site as a member or the affiliate team to get access to Discord! Once you are a site member the link is available on your My Account page. You are not kicked from the server from this link.

2. Booked Consultation or Session Online

If you book a meeting with me online and are not already in the server, then you get access to a link that will allow you in for the meeting and will kick you once you leave. This link will be emailed to you automatically when you book.

Content Moderation & Age Verification for Lexcapade Forum

I do not need to verify ID for people who I know are of age.

The following information and requests are in accordance with the following legal and platform policies:

  1. Adult Sites on Wix

  2. Wix Payments: Prohibited Products and Services

  3. Louisiana House Bill No. 142

Complimentary Services

Your first 30 minute strategy session is complimentary to receive info on your total addressable market, an opportunity assessment, a risk assessment, a roadmap, and options.

There is a Community Board on the forum that you may use for free promotion, backlinks, and/or search engine optimization.

Try a self paced online marketing course for free too.

I have a free Affiliate Marketing Workshop you can join to learn about how I run my company and try my marketing routines yourself. You also receive free consultations and learning sessions when you join the program.

Plus when you join my contact list you get free marketing eBooks and up to date market information.

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Apr 10, 2023

The Affiliate Marketing Workshop also comes with access to everything I have ever learned about marketing, including the Company Cookbook material.