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Content Moderation & Age Verification for Lexcapade Forum

I do not need to verify ID for people who I know are of age.

The following information and requests are in accordance with the following legal and platform policies:

  1. Adult Sites on Wix

Complimentary Services

Your first 30 minute strategy session is complimentary to receive info on your total addressable market, an opportunity assessment, a risk assessment, a roadmap, and options.

There is a Community Board on the forum that you may use for free promotion, backlinks, and/or search engine optimization.

Wix Spaces App for Site Membership

The Spaces App can be used to

  1. RSVP to Events

  2. View Blog Posts

  3. Interact with Forum

Forum Notifications

You can control the email notifications you receive in regards to the Forum by visiting the settings tab in your member menu.

You can control whether you get emails for: likes or reactions, comments or replies, and new posts. Plus you can choose if you want to be emailed a weekly summary, daily summary, or no summary for forum activity.

Group Portal Notifications

You can control the amount of notifications you receive in regards to your group portals by taking the following steps:

  1. Visit the group portal you wish to control notifications for

  2. Once you're in the group, click the three vertical dot menu button for more options in the top of the page

  3. Click notification settings


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