How Artists Influence Communities: P.Y.M.P.

Updated: Mar 30, 2019

P.Y.M.P. is a side project of New Orleans Funktronica quartet Gravity A, formed by bandmates Drew Meez on the Keys and Michael "Fou" Fouquier. Drawing on a catalogue from their own material to pop culture references to obscure selections, they musically infuse an unknown journey far away with a full course meal that feels like home. As an electronic duo, P.Y.M.P. specializes in remixes, mashups, and original party music. Using live keyboards and drums, a combination of eclectic techniques in various styles are implemented behind sequenced loops and movements. Familiar vocal samples are chopped and screwed over compositions they write to create an accessible dynamic sound.

Though no two performances are ever the same, transient interludes fading into climatic drops rise above the expected for a mesmerizing set every show. P.Y.M.P.’s consistency is the ultimate experiment for the listener’s experience. Space and time become irrelevant among the dancing feet of old family meeting new friends. They attract their local following through pushing the boundaries of quality sound design across a multitude of mediums. Setting aside traditional notions of what collaboration should sound like, P.Y.M.P. delves full force into adding flavor to a musical pot of electronic gumbo. No matter if looking for familiar comfort or searching for something undiscovered, the heart finds it was in the right place all along after a little taste of New Orleans cooking.

P.Y.M.P. plays August 24 in the Howlin Wolf Den (with Vibe Doctors Jazz Project and Shah), transitioning the night between the twists and turns of dance music, funktronica, and jazz derivatives. Satisfying a myriad of tastes from a menagerie of songs, their music carries the imagination away as if being lulled into magical surrealism. Maybe it is how they have a way of replacing anxiety with tranquility. Hard to be stressed when anything just feels so beautiful. P.Y.M.P. is just scratching the surface. Their full project Gravity A is an ever evolving roller coaster of psychedelic pleasure. As any P.Y.M.P./Gravity A fan knows, they are more fire than a well seasoned cast iron skillet. Once an a hole, always an a hole.

Members of P.Y.M.P. have performed live sets with: Dr. Fameus (Allen Aucoin of the Disco Biscuits); Mike Dillon (Les Claypool’s Frog Brigade); Big Sam; Johnny Vidacovich (Astral Project); Tim Sullivan; Danny Abel (Groovesect); Tim Green (local saxophone legend); Billy Iusso; Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey; Robert Walter (Greyboy All-stars); James Singleton (Astral Project); Uprise; The GK Duo; Groovesect; Brian Coogan; Corey Henry; Blackbyrd McKnight (P-funk); Willie Green (Neville Bros.); Reggie Scanlan (Radiators); Juvenile; 5th Ward Weebie; Partners n Crime. Members of P.Y.M.P. have opened for/ headlined after: Pretty Lights; Bonobo (UK live band/ and DJ set); Dr. Fameus (Allen Aucoin of the Disco Biscuits); Girl Talk; Big Gigantic; Orchard Lounge; Pnuma Trio; Signal Path; EOTO (members of String Cheese Incident); Lotus; Lyrics Born; Dubconscious; OoAh, Pantyraid; MiMosa; Zoogma; Breakage (UK); Marcus Intalex (UK); Freaky Flow; Rebirth Brass Band; Mike Dillon’s Go-Go Jungle; Dead Kenny G’s; Michael Kang; Steve Molitz; Alex B; Groovesect; Zoogma; Infected Mushroom; Boombox; David Murphy (STS9); Mimosa; MartyParty.


P.Y.M.P., Vibe Doctors, & Shah 8/24


Gravity A