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Sharing Energy

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

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What sparks ideas? How is dynamism used? Where does power go? Technology is far advanced in monitoring impacts, but not always implemented. A dive into current conductivity within music events shows that due to lack of targeted information, training on energy management and specific financial schemes, the energy saving potential of this industry remains largely untapped.

There is a sea of knowledge on emissions which trickles into limited resource pools for applying an eco-friendly approach. Adjusting energy efficiency can be low priority, or completely ignored, from the festival stage to the recording studio in America. Widespread sustainable initiatives are currently coming from European research. Taylor & Francis Online develop event emissions reductions results through green equipment, switching gear off when not in use, sizing generators, and using alternative power sources. Work by people such as EarthTechling and Sound on Sound show how proper studio support allows for environmental progression with solar powered energy as well as testing for ways to save power from the many computers involved in making music.

With the right resources, creators can demonstrate environmentally friendly experiences. The next step should be exploring ways for greater contribution to a green scene. Why is better technology for the ecosystem regularly not implemented compared to more harmful material? When can sustainable tools become more accessible? Will more people ever actually give a fuck? Only time can tell.



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