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Moving Past Setbacks

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

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It can feel frustrating if a project meets a major obstacle when someone tries tirelessly to make something happen. Motivation is hard to get back after ineffectually putting all kinds of energy into a goal. However disappointing personal failures may be, the next successful big idea is like the streetcar. Another one comes around eventually. Some motivational ass kicking might be all anyone needs to get where they want to go. What to consider when moving past setbacks, a pep talk:

Appreciate what works. Does it really matter if things do not go as planned? Considerable effort goes into testing an experience out. Trying is progress itself. Learn from what goes wrong. Take a hands on approach by thinking about the impacts of decisions. Realize how mistakes are made to open the door for solutions. Focus on what next. No one can control everything. Sometimes people have to try to make the best with what they can. Shit happens! How is shit handled? Remember what for. Decide whether or not current results align with values. Ask why continue? Figure out if what is happening is what is best for everyone. Getting over a stumbling block is easier said than done. Fucking shit up offers opportunity to question everything about business practice history. Reaffirming how professional time is spent is a chance to think about where a vision is going and what it might take to get there. Difficulties are a chance to give back to the support system that helps people do what they do. Pressure has to be released for stress to be managed. As James Brown once said, “Get up offa that thing, and dance ‘til you feel better.”


Photo: Jeff Pounds

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