How Artists Influence Communities: The Quickening

Updated: Mar 29, 2019

Saturated in soul and marinated in the love of music, bandleader Blake Dude formed The Quickening in 2012. The singer, songwriter, and guitarist is also known as King Cake Blake, Space Blake, or just Blake Quick. But his name sure as hell ain’t Skip. The Quickening is comprised of New Orleans musicians who enhance the meaning of “feel good music.” (Quick·en·ing)- 1. to make alive; 2. to come to life; especially to enter into a phase of active growth and development; 3. to shine more brightly; 4. to see ya at the pawty.

Blake’s balance of warm ambience on guitar with reflective vocals, while also providing a turbulent psychedelic vision, is more than enough to pull anyone’s heartstrings as a solo artist. A frontman at first glance, he lays down the canvas for his bandmates to paint as they will. No introduction could do this group justice. They each have a way of adding their own direction to every performance, something that should be experienced in person.

Rachel Murray, a powerful singer, has a mind blowing presence on stage. Her voice is like a radiating burst of energy transforming emotions along with its waveform. Not to mention how beautiful hearing her harmonize with Blake is. Al Small on bass and Jeff Jani on drums are the heart of the show. Al’s groovy finesse playing those bass lines with Jeff’s vivacious funky beats meld the rhythm section into a goldmine. Whether on guitar or steel guitar, Dave Easley’s hypnotic improvisations bring a captivating performance to further dimensions. Lagniappe is jack of all trades Joe Bouche’ on keys. Joe jams the fuck out, propagating a deeper layer of meaning on top of backing the band melodically.

The people who come to The Quickening’s local shows are as delightful as the musicians. It is not just the group’s collaboration that is impressionable, but the sense of togetherness among the band and audience members that make each event feel more like a neighborhood block party than just a standard concert. Strangers fuse with friends and families, creating new relationships and more good times. Get a dose of The Quickening opening for JGBCB (Jerry Garcia Band Cover Band) 12/1 in the Howlin Wolf Den for $10 at the door. $1 per ticket will be donated to Orleans Public Defenders. Buy $5 presales til the night before at


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