Sonic Ergonomics

Updated: Mar 29, 2019

Only about 20% of electronic waste is discarded appropriately according to Consumer Reports. Millions of tons of devices and accessories are just thrown away without another thought. Assets that could be repurposed or refurbished are being piled onto mountains of landfills.

Uncluttering gear can prevent unsustainable disposal as well as limit consuming unnecessary raw materials. Many electronics may take hundreds of years to decompose or might not break down at all. Reused stuff that has already been made available allow less requirement for depleting resources by providing alternative means of getting the same equipment.

No matter how old, often items can still be functional or recycled for other reasons from computers to instruments to cables. Local creator Lauren Stahler of Knot Amused uses old cords, wires, strings, and cables to make some twisted art. With pieces ranging in all sizes, she turns what is just lying around into something beautiful.

Putting in effort to salvage things reduces the ongoing build up of trash in the environment. Innovative applications of old tech do not always have to be artistic. Going green can also include donating extra supplies or accepting hand me downs.

Any product’s utility can be expanded in many ways, for example by designing decorations or putting together a makeshift appliance from other parts. Even broken glass can be used for mosaics. The results of implementing environmentally friendly techniques can be amazing, if knot amusing, as pictured below.


Knot Amused Instagram

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