Only White Women Demonize Me

Updated: Mar 29, 2019

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By Adiéallā Éyaht Soho : To address white women that engage in interracial relations but will do anything to protect the fragile footing of their social and family relations.

Her internalized prejudices will not permit her to admit the content of his character is greater than any Male she has ever known in the tightly knit sheltered misogynistic patriarchal society she has been raised in. Greater than The Father that saw her as more of an investment to be sold for a bride price than a daughter. The Uncle that molested her. The Friend that raped her.

She who used the only person in their lives capable of understanding her trauma as a scapegoat. She who offered this sacrificial lamb to all the people she should have held accountable but did not. In this way she felt she exacted some sort of control over her trauma and her life as an object. The wrath of her vengeance felt by the wrong man as an entire community turned against him.

Let me be clear. I do not have a fetish for white people. I am equally passionate about all people I engage with. But...

Only White Women Demonize Me

Engaging in interactions


Engages wanderlust.

Jaded eyes are where the savage lies--

Only a fool would trust.

A fuss

As I thrust.

Confide in me

And I will perform the atrocities

That place your heart under lock and key.

All the while asking,


Are my words gaining traction?

Provide sensation to our nocturnal imaginations.

Give these sounds the action they are lacking!

The grip of finger tips

Slips over such breast and places so wet.

A caged bird with a void in her pelvis.

And a longing in her chest

Begging for someone to settle both of her debts.

Control myself!

Be a teacher.

Set boundaries.

Give her the emotional support she really needs--

society expects of me

to make unrealistic expectations reality.

But how can I be?

I swear she looks good enough to eat.

It's absurdity.

A lovely breed.

I swear I'll savor her meat between my teeth.

To let sanity takes it's leave

And be obscene in her sheets.

I tire of this

gentlemanly decree

and chivalry!

I will it deceased!

Now I will idolize sexuality and savagery!

...Becoming diseased

with long strokes until I seethe

And With every tease I

Solidify my descent

Into decadent villainy.

The Reality:

To crosses I shall be nailed

With double crosses for

These dreams I sell

By speaking in spells.

Bring me to hell!

Terms and conditions


Burning in my sexual shell

And turning ensnared

for all eternity.

I am becoming Learned and


By Darkness in my stumblings.

A child of man

with ankh in hand

Will be granted the world in shambles and crumbles

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