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Updated: Aug 23, 2022

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What do decisions say about ambition? Or ambition about decisions in the face of uncertainty? How about hoping to be doing the right thing versus indulging in desires? Considering motives when taking action can be very enlightening in terms of self awareness.

Not making mistakes is impossible. Though sometimes even knowing that people fuck up is not enough for feelings such as self doubt, regret, guilt, or shame to go away. It can be hard not wanting more when trying to work on issues and making things happen for other people.

Coming up short on expectations is a rough wave to ride. Disappointing others is never easy and neither is letting down oneself. Especially in a society that pressures others to pursue various definitions of superficial monetary success instead of community goals.

Taking a step back to fix problems before moving forward may feel like being stuck, but is actually something that allows the journey to go further. How many places can anyone go with obstacles in the way? Getting somewhere becomes clear when resolving issues.

Failure is not comfortable. Achievements are what people enjoy talking about at the holiday party rather than their own poor judgement. Topics such as mismanaging the budget are not exactly happy chapters to share.

Openness about confrontations can seem like airing dirty laundry. However, lack of transparency sends an alarming message. At least attempting to address responsibility in actions is how people can hold themselves accountable.

Conversations about challenges allow potentially depressing moments to also become something worth learning from. Even if the message could be approached better. Struggles are only one side of the story, yet it is the side that can make or break the ending.


Dec 2018: After finishing current confirmed event obligations, Deaf Child will be taking a short term break from producing shows to catch up on debt. Earlier in the year multiple shows were booked over the course of several months which have not performed as well as needed financially to be sustainable as is. Delightful crowds have been coming out. The idea is to be able to keep giving people something to come out to. Bootstrapping in the music industry is risky. The good thing about going through with the stress of shows that it turns out were not affordable is figuring out more of what not to do next time. Special thanks to everyone who has been coming out to dance, and hope to party together soon when the Free Your Art series continues. Deaf Child is available for hire in promotions.

Photo from 12/1/18.

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