A Tori Story

Updated: Mar 29, 2019

New owner, who this? Let’s go back four and a half years ago when Victoria Grace Carney (Tori) begins at Ryan Dempsey’s Monkey Monkey as a barista. Fueled by coffee, Tori achieves a management promotion after only about a year. Then she earns her General Business Studies Associate Degree. Starting last summer she dances as a Sexah Monkey with Organ Grinders. This year watch Tori rise and shine as the current owner of Monkey Monkey!

Monkey steep, Monkey brew. Ryan’s former ownership combined with Tori's management creates a whimsical, productive environment that gives people something to stay for. Tori's history and vision is about building on the community oriented culture that they infuse together. Paying homage to the Dempsey family, she is committed to the company’s growth as a personal development space for friends, families, and workers. Her socially conscious work ethic makes it all happen. From her can do it attitude to her wild style, she keeps Monkey Monkey up to date. Taking care of what is built while making past efforts fit whatever the future holds.

It is in the family. Monkey Monkey is currently energizing for Party Gras, a culmination of enjoying time with loved ones. Balancing work and play is what New Orleans is all about. Tori’s performance is at the top of her game. Catch dat monkey dancing in Lyons, Barkus, Druids, Muses, or Tucks. Tis the season for all things pleasing. Pre order king cakes to get one for sure as those go quick! Stop by 4641 S Carrollton Avenue for specialty drinks, freshly baked snacks, and made to order lunch.

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