Making Change Happen

Updated: Mar 29, 2019

Everyone has some type of social influence in their community whether that is through their work, friends, family, or passion. Maybe all of the above. Each generation has people who want to be the change. The energy traded in relationships leaves a direct imprint on their environment, even if impacts are not immediately noticed.

There is a lot of talk about environmental sustainability in industries without anything different happening. There has not been enough green political action even though tools such as the willpower to adapt, information on why moving fast is critical to maintaining life quality, technological advancements, and long term economic efficiency are available. Regardless of business sector, short term profits outweigh the consequences for many companies.

Professional titles can be used to dismiss the people trying to make a difference. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez is a prime example for taking advantage of the traits that stereotypically make someone an underdog a leader by putting community first to address systemic issues (income disparity, racism, climate change, gender inequality, et cetera). An upcoming post will look at the Green New Deal backed by AOC, rewritten/updated from previously proposed stimulus programs.

This Green the Scene is a reflection on making change happen. The courage to change might appear overshadowed by the darkness of corruption. But problems can be as temporary as a mountain blocking sunshine. Point of view can be explained by the spacetime continuum. Between the Earth's daily revolution and yearly orbit around the sun, light continually hits the world from different perspectives.


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