Come Hell or High Water

Updated: Jun 25, 2019

Green the Scene is not only awareness for environmental sustainability, but also accessing the resources for putting knowledge to use for a greater good. Many of the issues that workers face in the music industry are caused by much bigger companies. However, that does not mean independent workers are not responsible for what they do with the issues they encounter.

Sometimes artists get so excited about their craft, they do not stop to think of how what they are doing actually impacts others. What good is having a show somewhere with negative consequences? What does it say about a promoter who is willing to mislead their audience about the dangers of the activities they are being encouraged to participate in?

This Green the Scene comes a week late on a previously promoted Pontchartrain Beach Session date. Hosted by Turntable Hospital on Facebook, at the time of this posting the event invites bassheads to get ready for a free party featuring DJs, swimming, dancing, boating, hooping, tubing, etc… Yet the organizers of the event fail to mention anything dangerous that their audience might not be aware of.

This brings into question the insight of the organizers into their own event. It is one thing to decide for oneself to throw or go to an illegal party that is pretty much only accessible via unsafe waters. It is another to advertise this as nothing to worry about.

It is up to people to pay attention to what they are doing and make choices for themselves. Though that is not possible without full transparency. Ignorance is not a reason to not take care of others. If people do not help each other, there will be no one left come hell or high water.

Gone are the days when people could jump in most bodies of water without a care in the world. The reality is that people need to consider consequences for climate change, man made disasters, and natural reactions. These problems are not fifty years away. They are now. So it is time to approach music for social change with the mindset that there are other people who could be affected by the event besides the ones trying to make it happen.


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The Facebook event has been deleted as of 6/25. Here is the original promo screen shots...