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Updated: Aug 23, 2022

Fortune, New Orleans Deaf Child, Garret Faber Photography

If life is 90% showing up, then what is the other 10%? Is it the magic variable that determines who gets what?

“I don’t believe in charity. I believe in solidarity. Charity is so vertical. It goes from the top to the bottom. Solidarity is horizontal. It respects the other person. I have a lot to learn from other people.” - Eduardo Galeano

Calling others less fortunate or unfortunate for poverty implies that those without money aren’t worth as much as those with money.

Not having money to do things does not make anyone worth less than someone who does have money.

Nothing can place a value on human life, especially capitalism. Who is to say one person deserves to live more or have more than others?

It does not take being broke to realize that no one is free. Having money makes it easier to pretend to be free, but everyone is a slave to society in a system where it might as well be illegal not to have money.

Cannot make a payment on time? Late fee. Cannot keep a house? Lose job. Cannot keep a job? Lose house. No transportation? The cycle continues.

Human worth is not based on contribution. It is priceless. No person is worth more than another. Every person contributes in their own way.

Every person struggles. When providing resources to those that cannot afford them, the term unfortunate or less fortunate is referring to their perceived financial value.

Finances are only part of someone’s life and having less money does not make anyone less lucky than another person in life just in one thing.

Difference between all human life being priceless versus one having more value than another is that no life is worth more than another.

Most people’s idea of contribution is tied into work, capitalism, and perceived effort.

If a person would give someone their last $10, but someone who has $100 donates $20, then relative to the person receiving the richer dude contributed twice as much.

However, relative to the people giving, one contributed their all while another gave 20%.

This backwards ass system is the TLDR of explaining complacency in economics, id est using money as a means to justify actions.

Just because someone has something else to give or is not giving in the same way does not mean they aren’t contributing.

In American society, fortune is associated with finances by repeatedly calling people with less income less fortunate or unfortunate when offering resources they cannot afford.

Having an unfortunate financial situation does not make someone a less fortunate person unless their worth is equated to finances.

Why do people continuously refer to poverty as people who are less fortunate if self worth is not being placed on money?

Just because someone has a low income does not mean they are unlucky or have a bad effect so why are they talked down to?

Degrading others while giving them the resources they desperately need is how richer people make themselves feel better about society’s greed.


Photo by Garret Faber 2017

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