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Idealist Idea List

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Ideas to manage unnecessary production in the music industry for independent artists:

Screen print, heat press, or paint new designs on old merchandise.

Make patches with salvageable material from damaged merchandise.

Is that a broken guitar string or new wire for wraps?

Turn unused handbills into rainbow scratch paper for personalized promotions (handbills, homemade cd covers, invitations) using black paint mixed with a little dish soap.

Give a discount for shows people bring a handbill in for to be reused for the rainbow scratch paper.

Print one batch of posters for each tour with room to write specific details for each venue/date.

If any clout, have poster signing sessions so they are less likely to end up in the trash.

Offer personalized playlists and charge extra to burn CDs.

Donate unused instruments to schools or a kid near you.

Consider what art installations or repurposing could be done with any broken gear or extra office supplies.

Could busted speakers be gutted into themed furniture?

Can a broken guitar case be turned into a guitar stand?

Collect and loop used wristbands for handmade streamers.

Create ticket collages for home craft stage or photobooth backdrops.

Wrap/tie/knot old instrument cables into wall art.

Broken microphones make great balloon/decoration/paper weights for any entertainment themed event.

Drums that are no longer playable could become flower pots, foot stools, or end tables.

Even broken glass can be used for mosaics.

Look at what is lying around unused, find a way to make a new purpose for it.



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