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Updated: Jun 24, 2019

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Khris Royal & Dark Matter's newest work transcends time and space (on par with Galactic’s Ruckus and What Happened to Television? by Greyboy Allstars). The follow up for Dark Matter comes eight years after the first regal release. This may be the second part, but it is in no way a rerun.

Not only is every track different, the first and second Dark Matter both have their own aural aura. Love Songs 4 and 5 are beautiful examples of the comparisons between albums as an analogy for dark matter. If the original represents a theoretical slowing expansion of the universe, then the new one is accelerated. It is proof of a cosmological constant.

Enjoy Dark Matter II, available online April 26! CD Release Party will be 9 pm (doors 8) at Gasa Gasa on April 27. PYMP (Gravity A’s side project) will be opening for an evening of live New Orleans funktronica. Deaf Child got a thrilling early listen to the new album...

Initial abstract thoughts:


  • What the sun sounds like when it rises

  • Beat rolls in like clouds on a breezy day

Step Children - Ft. Nigel Hall

  • Playfully cadential sax riffs glide on top of funkadelic Bernie-Worrell-esque keys

  • Bright horns shimmy down a crisp rhythm section

  • Synths swirl around as if picking up the vibe and bringing mood to a new dimension

Shake It - Ft. Danny Abel

  • Named appropriately: song shakes up traditional structural expectations

  • Vocoder placement in the heart of mix uses lyrics as harmony to lead saxophone melody

  • A virtual dance between shredding guitar solos and synthesizing soulful grooves

Love Song 5 - Ft. Doug Wimbish

  • This is an actual audio recording of how it feels to daydream

  • Low thundering bass rumbles under upbeat sax overdubs

  • A swinging electric guitar adds to the momentum of sensual tension

1108 - Ft. Nigel Hall

  • Bounces between rhythmic pleasure, uplifting wind, spacey timbres

  • Vibrant synth tones fluctuate around the zoom of growling strings

  • Saxophone paces up and down a vivacious percussive pulse

Prime Directive

  • Sonically questions the functions of wave form and influence of energy

  • Call/response syncopates debate between measures

  • The fluidity of a June Yamagishi sound on guitar meets a smooth sax serenade backed by an eclectic bass jam as if Papa Grows Funk got with Talking Heads

Insomnia - Ft. Trombone Shorty

  • Chime in on nitty gritty bass underlying brass unison

  • Builds up to the same type of climactic essence as Europe’s Final Countdown

  • Fades from a trance into becoming fully awake

A Day Early

  • Should be playing in the background of a movie in either a fight scene or montage

  • Invokes the same restlessness as an adrenaline surge, as if coming to the top of a hill on a bike about to go flying down

  • Goes hard with punchy drum fills, robotic like synth slides with electronic wind instrumentation, and crunchy bass guitar arrangement

Song for Trayvon

  • Key for transitioning emotional awareness into action

  • Resolution Rebelution

  • Saxophone keeps moving along a spectrum of modulation with lingering effects

Top Kill - Ft. Eric Benny Bloom

  • Finishing off a banger with vibrato

  • Cascading ripples of trumpet and sax run over each other

  • A recurring catchy bass undertone blends it all together

You Don’t Know Me - Ft. Eric Rachmany

  • Flutters about space between self reflection and internalized perception

  • Seems like being hypnotized by a digital mystical horn

  • Granular guitar distortion melds into a velvet flow

Make You Dance

  • A tonal connection center between the mind and body

  • Engaging vocal dynamic effects processing

  • Psychedelic synthesizers accent a trippy beat

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