Party Gras and Rape Culture

Sassyracs Jamettes Floyd Falcon Rape Culture

It's really fucking triggering to think about how dance teams that claim to be about women's empowerment support rapists and rapist apologists.

I used to be on Organ Grinders Dance Team which turned into Sassyracs and Jamettes.

Sassyracs includes Maria Theresa Parra (works at a hosipital in billing) who I believe is the sister in law to my rapist Floyd Falcon. Him and Stephanie Fisher his wife march with Maria and Sassyracs and they continue to party together.

Sassyracs knows about me being raped and support this. But they dismiss me on my rape.

This includes Alexis Chernrow, an attorney and public defender. It's supposed to be her job to help yet she supports rapists and rapist apologists.

Emily Loska, a mental health worker that also once argued with me about whether she could use the term fall on deaf ears.

Liz Walker, a nurse who dances in parades during a high risk stage of COVID despite the death and sickness rates but yet went off on me claiming that my status letting people know wearing hearing aids hurt like masks was dismissive to COVID sooo she's just ableist and misogynist.

Gaby Biro, a hair stylist that I really expected not to go party with rapists and the people that support rapists. I really thought she was a good person before.

On Jamettes end it was Nicole Spruill Hudson's husband Scott Hudson that told me I should stop talking about my rape because no one cares. She's a teacher.

Oh and one time she even contacted me to teach her signs so she could teach her class those signs. I didn't realize then because of self advocacy struggles and shut downs but this is exploitation of Deaf culture, my labor, and my trauma for profit. She should have paid a Deaf person to come teach. She can't even sign. It's really fucked up.

Hair stylist Shannon Detrow supports Nicole regardless of her alignment with rapists and rapist supporters.

The Jamettes support this. And they are comprised of members of KOOM which support my rapist and the guy that told me I wouldn't have been raped if I was sober.

They also include Sakarra Dancy who once argued with me that it was okay for her to make fun of Deaf people signing with animal noises and that I was overreacting.

Be warned: These people will not help you unless it is to get you fucked up and violate your boundaries.

When you have an entire group of mostly women dismissing rape, telling you to get over being fingered without consent cause it was years ago or they don't believe it happened so they can keep on as normal anyway it is triggering as hell.

The fact that these are the people that are supposed to be thought leaders in the community scares the fucking shit out of me!!

I can't go anywhere because everywhere I go in this city are people who support my rapist and dismiss my rape like this.

It sucks and hurts so much

These are people I met and knew between ages 12 and 25. I thought they were family. This was the most formative years of my life. And holy fuck.

I was abused by this community and all they care about is fucking partying.

And they're like we don't know what you want us to do but you have a bad attitude so we are gonna hang with your rapist not support you because good vibes only.

I don't know if I will ever get over this shit. People say when a person gets raped that that person is somehow unable to deal with society or feel okay around others as if it's an issue for that person who was raped alone to work through. But the truth is that person saw all the people around that allow their rapist to continue to be free while we who are raped never feel safe again. TRASH: Rape Culture in New Orleans Music

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