TRASH: Rape Culture in New Orleans Music

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

I will likely continue sharing until Trashpile is closed and im certain im only surrounded by people who give a fuck about sexual assault. I also want to see the people I name take true accountability and responsibility for their fucking actions. Public safety warning to stay away from Trashpile and the following people....

I’m upset about Floyd Falcon assaulting me Halloween 18 when he came up behind me at Maple Leaf Bar, reached under my dress, grabbed my ass, and shoved his fingers up my vagina.

I turned around, slapped him and shoved him off of me

This was at a Krewe of Overnight Marignade meetup (KOOM is a social club full of a lot of people, including all the musicians I’m calling out).

My mom was there. Saw the whole thing, and she’s one of the reasons I’ve not felt insane right now.

They kicked me out of Maple Leaf for causing a scene.

All that was in KOOM took Floyd’s side.

Bryan Evans said it wouldn’t have happened if I was sober.

They made Bryan Evans the organizer of the parties.

They continued to plan events with Floyd Falcon.

Now Floyd Falcon has opened up trash pile music venue.

They continue to play for him.

My sister posts selfies with Bryan Evans and attends KOOM functions.

Floyd Falcon has sexually assaulted me and is known to have sexually assaulted others.

I was raped as a kid couldn't do anything, raped at 17 couldn't do anything, sexually assaulted at 24 and I'm still trying to do something!

I’m upset about rape culture this has to change.

Gnatalie Crawford sent me 2 messages once in 2019 and once 2021 telling me that I am harming them and they have nothing to do with rape culture and Bryan Evans said in regards to this I'm having an episode, referring to my mental health.

They are ableist and sexist and dangerous. Please be careful around these people and warn others.

Koom, Floyd Falcon, Gravity A, The Quickening, Hash Cabbage, PYMP, Gnatalie Crawford, my sister Victoria Rodriguez owner of Monkey Monkey, and Bryan Evans are all part of New Orleans music scene rape culture.

People be like stfu about your trauma and remove yourself from triggers then ask why you're suicidal when i ask over and over and over to do something about the guy that sexually assaulted me instead of

1. Kicking me out of venue night of instead him.

2. Telling me it wouldn't have happened if i was sober.

3. Organizing events under leadership that believes sobriety negates consent during the years of grab em by the pussy.

4. Telling me there's nothing you can do the 1st 4 months after I tried to handle within krewe.

5. Sending me messages to be quiet when I start speaking out Mardi Gras 2019.

6. Continuing to do events with guy that sexually assaulted me.

7. Telling me when I speak out I’m having episodes and harming the community.

8. Turning around sending messages acting like you want to support after just telling me I was having an episode, saying it wouldn't happen if i was sober, gaslighting me for years, doing events with sexual assaulter for years, never apologizing, never admitting what you did, never advocating for me, is triggering and I truly believe you are manipulative and dangerous and again is a different way of telling me to stfu.

9. Here's what you can do to support... tell everyone you know Floyd Falcon is my sexual assaulter that trash pile music venue is dangerous that Bryan Evans and Gnatalie Crawford bullied me into silence for years that koom is dangerous and filled with several members who are silent for fear of their living or ability to make a living regarding domestic and sexual abuse in the krewe that gets shoved under the rug in the name of SEE YOU AT DA PARTY.

How can you support someone who has been sexually assaulted after telling her it wouldn't have happened if she wasn't inebriated and that if she speaks out about it she's having an episode or harming the community and that by doing events with the sexual assaulter you are not involved in rape culture but you just want to support?

First begin by never contacting them ever again. You have triggered too much and are not worth anyone's time.

Second don't kick out the person who was sexually assaulted out of the venue for the koom meetup you organized kick out the sexual assaulter to begin with

Third dont continue to do events with sexual assaulter while telling the person who was sexually assaulted that you have nothing to do with rape culture

Fourth recognize you continue to go on as normal whereas I no longer trust in anyone to protect me or care for me and it makes me switch hard between suicidal and pissed to know that after 12 years of friendship you care more about dismissing me as talking shit than the fact that I was sexually assaulted

Fifth recognize the struggle I am having with my sexuality, mental health, and sexual expression due to my sexual trauma these are long term effects due to the culture you have supported

Sixth until you do the work to dismantle this system and evaluate your role you can suck my fucking dick from the back. Edit 4/13: This is what gaslighting looks like in the form of that toxic positivity bull shit. Fuck off with that!!

And on this post I am linking every post I ever made about this on Facebook


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