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My team & I will take care of you: consultations include a report, written follow up, + access to customer support via your business group, site chat, or email. 

Once you've booked your meeting, the Discord link will be provided via email. Please sign in, download app or use site in browser, and test Discord prior to the chat to maximize our time.

Learning Session

Classes Others May Join

  • 30 min
  • 10 US dollars
  • Discord

Service Description

Book a Learning Session for Marketing, Sales, Growth Analysis, Deaf Topics, Music Industry, & PR! Learning sessions are currently available on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday every 4 weeks at 7 pm CT. Learning sessions may be booked no later than 24 hours in advance and no earlier than 1 week prior. - - - - - - - - - - These are private classes open to the community, meaning others may join your session (but it is not live streamed ever or recorded without consent). The Learning Sessions are a schedule of highly skilled strategy and analysis meetings that offer unparalleled marketing plus sales expertise to businesspeople online. Deaf Child provides motivated guests with a vast array of resources from pre qualifying buyers through the final sellout of an offer. The team and I collaborate with multi billion dollar agencies to back up a track record of success representing some of the world's leading thinkers and most extraordinary luxuries. The team and I have built a culture of passion for our studies with a customized, altered approach to fit every guest's project. That's why these Learning Sessions are made specifically to accommodate each person. So you can take your plans from theory to reality. A big difference between a Learning Session discussion and a consultation is that a consultation comes with private group portal updates that include meeting notes, relevant feedback, and video when consent is given to record. Another difference is that private consultations are limited to no other participants besides one client/their team while my other clients or members may potentially join a Learning Session discussion.

Upcoming Sessions


Contact me to discuss projects you can't find a spot on the calendar for. The calendar stops letting you book 1 day before and you can only book up to 1 week in advance so I can plan/make sure I am not overbooked.


I do block off my calendar to make sure I have time to do things, and then will unblock as that time frees up. So if you can't get a spot there are always more spots opening and you can check back in the next few days for more availability

Let me know if you need an interpreter. I'll pay for interpreter. Depending on interpreter availability I may need extra time to schedule with them, but will communicate that with you as it happens. I speak English and sign on a scale of ASLPI 1 or 2/ in Pidgin Signed English. Deaf teammates are on standby who can sign fluently in ASL. 

Keep track of your deliverables with your client portal: a private site group for case filing, updates, comments, and concerns with Deaf Child. Please log in as a site member to access your case filing and deliverables in the Group Portal. 

I am not a lawyer or certified public accountant, and this should not be considered legal or financial advice. You should seek appropriate counsel for your own situation. Paying for a booking is considered a nonrefundable deposit. Terms and policies apply. 

If you need closed captions on desktop, please use Discord with the site linked here also pulled up on your screen. If you need help adding captions to mobile, please reach out.

I use a balance of value based pricing (when you justify your cost by what goes into the offer), and market based pricing (when you justify your costs by what else is on the market). For example, I can be doing hours of work to follow up for every 15 minutes we meet + I have a team that work in shifts on your case as well. 

Disclaimer: Growth analysis and consultations are not a substitute for engaging the services of a CPA or Attorney. Any decisions you make, and the consequences thereof are your own. Under no circumstances can you hold liable for any actions that you take. You agree not to hold, Deaf Child, Alexis Larinda Carney, or any affiliates of, Deaf Child or Alexis Larinda Carney, liable for any loss or cost incurred by you, or any person related or associated with you, as a result of materials or techniques, or coaching, offered by Results are not guaranteed. holds no responsibility for the actions, choices, or decisions taken or made by the client. The owner of and contributors to accept no responsibility or liability whatsoever for any harm from the use or dissemination of information contained here. 

Service of No Guaranty: It is understood and agreed that Deaf Child as Analyst, Consultant, Marketer cannot warrant or guarantee the outcome of any project and Deaf Child has not represented to the Purchaser that the Purchaser will recover any funds whatsoever. The Purchaser has also been informed that obtaining a consultation or deal does not guarantee Deaf Child will be capable of or willing to satisfy requests.