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Pay What You Want

Let's meet in an online live stream! Ask me anything...

Request this session for help with issues including, but not limited to: marketing, sales, business growth, Deaf awareness, music business, advertising, and PR! You may also request a video about your work regardless of if you want to be in the video.

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Send me the link to the account you want to go live with me from so I know who to request up into the panel, as well as any other links for your business.


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The suggested price for this meeting is $25. But my goal is provide pro bono services to those who just need that extra push! Feel free to help yourself.


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If I am not available I may need to meet at a different date and time than you have requested or purchased. Please check the site terms and policies!


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Once your form is submitted I will get back to you as soon as possible to confirm if your live stream meeting request works for me. 


Let's Go Live Together!

The default meeting place for these meetings is on TikTok! But if Instagram, YouTube, or Facebook are better for you we can go live there too.

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Online Meetings are available on Live via TikTok, Instagram, YouTube or Facebook! You can pay what you want.

These Live Meetings may be used for content, cross promotion, and postmarketing after the live meeting. 

Leave with feedback for action items, campaigns, and experiments. 

Request a Live Meeting for a conversation on Marketing, Sales, Growth Analysis, Deaf Topics, Music Industry, & PR!

I will get back to you to confirm based on either our relationship, the information in the form, or availability.

You can find information about the company refund policy in the site terms and policies

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