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Contact for Business Inquiries

Alexis Larinda Carney


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Text (504) 256-4454

  • "Do you offer free marketing services?"
    Absolutely! The affiliate program offers everything I ever learned about marketing for free, plus you get 30% commission on closed deals referred! You can also pay what you want to request a meeting in a livestream! Or try a complimentary self paced online marketing course. Can't find what you're looking for? Check out the Help Desk for more information on free options!
  • "What if I want merchandise not in the store?"
    Don't have something you want to get with Deaf Child branding? See something you like that I'm doing, but wish there was a different combo available for you? Let me know what you are looking for and I will try my best to accommodate it and add that to the store!
  • "What is the Discord link?"
    Site members and affiliate team members are invited to chat with me in Discord. Please join the site as a member or the affiliate team to get access to Discord! Once you are a site member the link is available on your My Account page.
  • "What are your hours?"
    Meeting hours are generally Monday through Friday 9 am - 5 pm + a la carte consultations are also available Saturday & Sunday 12 pm - 6 pm. Work hours are set as needed. I operate on a combination of New Orleans and Deaf Standard Time.
  • "Will PR result in sales?"
    Most likely not directly. PR can apply to all stages of the funnel, but you will often apply PR to top of funnel awareness marketing which will indirectly lead to sales. Budgeting as if that money will not be made back helps to avoid risks.
  • "What would the ROI be?"
    Deaf Child cannot guarantee the outcome of any service purchased. Hiring Deaf Child as needed is less risky than having a contract with other analysts. With long term contracts you are locked in if you are unhappy. With Deaf Child you can stop any time if you're not getting results. In house involves a median yearly salary of $100,000. A growth agency fee generally consists of 6-8% ad spend fee, $3,000 - $10,000 a month to start, and/or 3 month to year long contracts. Paying per service is more cost effective.
  • "Do you work with agencies?"
    Yes! Whether an agency hires Deaf Child directly or if a client already has an agency, Deaf Child works with companies to analyze, consult, and report on results.

Thanks for reaching out!

Please contact for PR placement, growth inquiries, or case studies.

Online Payments and Financial Support:​ Cash App $AlexisLarinda, PayPal via, Venmo @Alexis-Carney

Only Deaf opinions will be published on Deaf topics on this site. 

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