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  3. Payment of Offerings

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  13. Governing Law

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  14. Non-Disparagement/Defamation Agreement

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  16. Media Related to Deaf Child

  17. Guest Blogger/Site Member Permissions for Writers

  18. Broken Links/Inevitable Demise

Deaf Child's mission: make music, bring people together, and support communities. Policies in action support what Deaf Child is about such as current projects as well as services.

Compliance: By interacting with this site, Deaf Child, and/or Deaf Child's services/products/events you agree to the policies that follow...


Payment of Deaf Child Offerings: Will not accept entry for paid events without payment. Payment for Deaf Child services is due before any work begins. NO REFUNDS on work completed, consultations, meetings, classes, or events (in person or virtual). Refunds are available for eBooks.

​Log Data: Certain data are collected automatically from the web browser users are using and through Deaf Child's web server: IP addresses, browser types (FireFox, Chrome, etc.), browser versions, and various pages that users are using. 

Cookies Disclosure: Using this website may store cookies on your computer due to certain third party/associated sites such as tools like Google Analytics or Facebook Pixel (26 month data retention term for Google Analytics). No individual data is stored, only aggregate information available through insights or information via online platforms to track where users are entering the site from and how to best optimize user accessibility via location, language, browser, operating system, service provider, screen resolution, number of sessions, length of time on site, number of pages viewed, and bounce rate. 

Links to Other Sites: Deaf Child's website may link users to other websites outside her control or ownership. Users are advised to read the terms of agreement, privacy policies, and security policies of every website visited. 

Do Not Track Disclosure: Deaf Child's website is subject to the terms of the Do Not Track (DNT) Disclosure settings of the host site. She does not track any customer over the internet and therefore does not respond to DNT signals. Some third party sites do keep track of your browsing activities when they serve you content, which enables them to tailor what they present to you.


Security: The security of your information is important to Deaf Child, but no method of transmission over the Internet is 100% secure. While Deaf Child strives to use commercially acceptable means to protect your personal information, she cannot guarantee its absolute security. Alexis Larinda Carney is the only person with access to personal data submitted to Deaf Child. Should any data breach occur, you will be notified via email within 72 hours of potential threats to your information. 

Information Collection and Use: The only data Deaf Child keeps about people is from information they choose to submit. Data will be stored for an unlimited time unless you request your data to be deleted. For relationship management purposes, data is kept on people who unsubscribe to contact list or for street team members who are deactivated. To find out what data Deaf Child has on file for you or to request data to be deleted, email deafchildpresents@gmail.com

  1. Contact Box- Your name and email address may be used to contact you in response to any message.​​

  2. Contact List- Deaf Child may use your name, location, email address and/or phone number as well as open rates to send you information on Deaf Child updates, as well as music, marketing, and communication: event content and promotions. 

    1. (Un) Subscription policy- If you decide you no longer wish to receive updates about music community support, please let Deaf Child know to be taken off of the contact list.

  3. Online Bookings- Deaf Child may use your name, email address, and/or phone number to contact you regarding the requested booking.

  4. PayPal- When you pay online for Deaf Child services, PayPal collects and uses certain information to carry out the transaction. By using this service you agree to their terms of services, as well as privacy and security policies.  

  5. Social Media- Should you choose to share or comment on one of Deaf Child's dairy/old blog posts via one of your social media pages, the hosting site gains permission for temporary access to your social media log-in information for that purpose. If you sign up as a member for the Deaf Child via social media, the hosting site gains permission for access to your social media log-in information as long as you are a member through social media. 

  6. Join the Team- When you join the street team online, Deaf Child may use your name, email, and/or phone number to contact you regarding marketing campaigns. Date of birth is requested to verify drinking age and ability to enter venues. 

  7. Application- Deaf Child collects some personal information for the purpose of responding to your application including name, phone number, email address, the date you can start, and the following information which will be used in determining whether the position you are applying for can be valuable to your career: the position(s) applied for, plan for career progress via Deaf Child, resume, website, portfolio, music, compensation desired, if you will be on the street team or social media outreach team, and any obligations that may interfere with your work at Deaf Child. Date of birth is requested to verify drinking age and ability to enter venues. 

  8. Site Membership- Your name, email address, and phone number may be used to contact you regarding bookings, blog moderation, and/or other general site membership reasons. Members are updated with the latest activity of members they follow such as posts, comments, or likes through email notifications. Only members may comment on Deaf Child's blog. 

Intellectual Property Disclosure: The contents, logo, and other audio visual media contained in this site and/or provided to you by Deaf Child is the property of others and protected against infringement by copyright laws. 


Intellectual Property Distribution: Deaf Child shares and distributes work on behalf of associates (such as clients or other freelancers). Should the said work being shared infringe any copyright laws, Deaf Child will cease and remove all distribution within capabilities upon notice. Associates themselves are liable for any legal action against Deaf Child as a result of copyright infringement by them. By submitting/giving copyrightable material to Deaf Child digitally or physically you give Deaf Child permission to distribute unless explicitly stated otherwise. 

Termination: Our relationship (contact list shout outs, events, social media connections, and personal interaction) can be terminated in cases of abuse or at Deaf Child's sole discretion. Upon termination, Deaf Child reserves the right to deny access for any reason for any Deaf Child offering.

Governing Law: The federal and state law of the United States of America govern all Deaf Child business, notably but not especially this website as well as this agreement. Deaf Child fully supports and complies with the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) rules. 

Non-Disparagement/Defamation Agreement: By doing business with, using the website of, working for, attending events by, or interacting with Deaf Child you agree not to disparage or defame in any respect or not to make any derogatory comments, whether written or oral, regarding Deaf Child or her current or former officers, directors, employees, attorneys, agents, or contracting parties, or its business or operations.


Street Team Membership: Anyone can join the team. Upon completing your first campaign you become an active team member. Active members get their picture and info on the site plus some promotions circulated for free, with conditions: upon approval of event by Deaf Child you get the social media requirements by team done for your promotion, as long as you provide guest list compensation for team members on campaign for events, as well as some physical distribution if you provide material 3 weeks before event date, plus agree to a monthly physical distribution cap of one full campaign at 2,000 handbills, 50 posters, or 750 brochures along with a limit of 150 handbills, 15 posters, or 100 brochures for any additional street team work. Should you remain inactive for a period of up to 3 months, you shall be demoted to an inactive member status. Inactive members do not get their promotions circulated for free. Inactive members must complete the full requirements of a Deaf Child marketing campaign before they can be considered an active member again. Once inactive for 3 months you are deactivated and taken off the contact list for street team members. Deactivated members will need to rejoin the team should they wish to receive updates on how to support the music community. When a deactivated member rejoins, they must fully complete the requirements of a Deaf Child marketing campaign to become active again.


Content Related to Deaf Child: Photography, video, graphics, audio, and verbiage regarding Deaf Child may be used for Deaf Child promotions, including content created on behalf of Deaf Child at related events, when a Deaf Child account is tagged in either a post or comment, when the Deaf Child location is used, if a relevant Deaf Child hashtag (or potentially a variation of) is used #noladeafchild #freeyourart #greenthescene #deafchild #deafchildpresents #mylifeisacarneyval #seriouslysik #seriouslysikh #deafchilddabs #whatsnoladoin #deafchildblog #lexiesoscarselfie #60hourmarketingchallenge, when a photo is shared in a Deaf Child review, or anything anyone else publishes about Alexis Larinda Carney doing business as Deaf Child.

Guest Blogger/Site Member Permissions for Writers: Guest bloggers must sign up as a site member and be given writer member permissions to label guest blog posts with guest author name in blog API. Because writers have the capability to publish directly to Deaf Child's blog themselves, a long term relationship must be established before guest bloggers are given access to writer membership. Writers are not allowed to publish to Deaf Child blog without permission, must only post approved content on scheduled date, write/select snippet for post meta description, include alt tags in media, and select Guest Blog category for all guest posts. Writers may have their permissions removed, content deleted, and/or be subject to termination at Deaf Child's discretion. Guest posts may not be submitted to Deaf Child Diary.

Broken Links/Inevitable Demise: When the noladeafchild.com domain is no longer being used by Alexis Larinda Carney doing business as Deaf Child, Deaf Child content urls will revert back to the free hosting domain. In the event of broken links due to inevitable demise, to be redirected to a page on the site, replace domain (noladeafchild) and top level domain (.com) in url with "deafchildpresents.wixsite.com/deafchild."  This url followed by / + the relevant file path should bring user to correct page.

  • In other words, copy and paste the following, then replace 'relevant-file-path' with rest of the link from when it was still noladeafchild.com: deafchildpresents.wixsite.com/deafchild/relevant-file-path

  • So for example if you want to visit the music page, you can replace noladeafchild.com/music with deafchildpresents.wixsite.com/deafchild/music

Last updated 8/21/2021.