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New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Fest

Music and Culture Festival



New Orleans




Project Summary

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Live sound recordings

Audio preservation

Album sales

Time Frame:

2016 & 2017

2 years

Project Details:

I recorded stages at Jazz Fest in 2016 as part of my Recording Studio Techniques class for my Music Industry Studies major senior year at Loyola University New Orleans. In 2017 I was asked to come back to assist again. I recorded about 20 sets over 2 years across 5 stages (Gentilly, Lagniappe, Blues, Congo, and Fais Do Do). From wrangling the inputs of a Behringer X32 or an analog Alexus to formatting a hard drive and patching a Cymatic, I received hands on experience working in the field to provide audio files to Munck Entertainment that are still used today for selling Jazz Fest Live CDs.


Jazz Fest is owned by AEG, and has financial ties to funds I do not have value alignment with that include funding anti lgbqtia+ orgs, anti abortion orgs, Neil Gorsuch's campaign on the Supreme Court (who voted against abortion), anti marijuana laws, etc. Click here for a blog about it.