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Green the Scene

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Green the Scene is a blog series based on environmental sustainability in the music industry that I turned into an online course program. *This program is estimated to take about 1 hour and has a certification.* The music industry as a whole is considered a large contributor to climate change. Even though awareness has become prevalent in the business, is information enough to combat music's participation in the global environmental crisis? This is a free online self paced course developed from blog posts available for free on my website that I published 2018 - 2019. My aim is to link as many artists as I can to resources through free value packed blog posts. The value in earning more certifications is having peer reviewed proof that you are successfully continuing to educate yourself in your field. Awards provide documentation and evidence that your hard work is acknowledged by others, which can help people understand the value you can offer them in that respect. Thanks for your time, Lexie

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