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Open Source Marketing

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Open source marketing is improvising on a campaign based on providing each other resources. *This program comes with a complimentary eBook, has a certification, and is estimated to take about 2 hours.* Earning an award for a project, skill, or achievement carries connotations of quality reputation and professional expertise that help you gain recognition and respect in an industry. According to Resume Coach, "To understand the importance of adding awards to a resume, it’s key to remember that hiring managers receive dozens if not hundreds of resumes for potentially just one vacancy, which means the successful candidate needs to find a way of making their resume stand out! An Honors and Awards section is just the way to do that." I think the same competitive advantage awards have for job hunting applies in any business lead generation as well. The same way open source development is based on sharing a system that others can then apply to themselves as works for them, the key to open source marketing is mutual aid for community progress. This is a free online pace yourself course arranged from videos available for free on YouTube that I published 2021. My goal is to connect as many people as possible through high-value free marketing videos. I appreciate you, Lexie

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