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How I started the 1st Deaf owned marketing team

Pay what you can to read the eBook ($10 suggested, if you download for free I don't mind)!


Read 60 Hour Marketing Challenge eBook:


I want to help!

Why read 60 Hour Marketing Challenge


I wrote this eBook to tell you my grassroots process for building my work from the ground up through marketing!

Every business has barriers to market entry. Breaking into hearing world is an example for a Deaf person like me.

You'll love this eBook if you are interested in the control of information, who has access to it, how do people find it.

Get started on your journey with the 1st Deaf Owned Marketing Team in the United States...


Sneak a peek at the 60 Hour Marketing Challenge below PLUS pay what you want to read more ($10 suggested)!


Click through & preview the eBook introduction

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