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I wrote this eBook to tell you my grassroots process for building my work from the ground up through marketing!

Every business has barriers to market entry. Breaking into hearing world is an example for a Deaf person like me.

You'll love this eBook if you are interested in the control of information, who has access to it, how do people find it.

Access comes from antidiscrimination with a mix of word play, use of funds, customer service, & style. 

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What Other People Think About the Author...

"My original inquiry with her was to run an online street team to promote an upcoming show and she went above and beyond to help improve our entire social media coverage on all platforms, as well as take part in the grassroots marketing and recruited others to do the same in a matter of days. Deaf Child is completely invaluable, if you want the job done correctly in your promotional efforts, you've come to the right place! Lexie, and the entire Deaf Child name are a huge asset to anyone looking to promote within the New Orleans music scene. She herself is a dynamic, reliable, efficient, and extremely knowledgeable person in the scene who will only continue to become more successful as she gains experience in the industry!​"

- Katie Budge, Dec 2016 Facebook Review | Marketing Director & Production Manager: The Howlin' Wolf Music Club | PR & Media Manager: The Grammy Award Winning Rebirth Brass Band

"Alexis and Deaf Child are incredibly helpful in organizing and managing marketing efforts whether it be online via website, email, social media and advertising or via a street team!"

-Erik Browne, Jan 2018 Facebook Review | DJ & Producer: Unicorn Fukr | (co) Owner: Horn & Tail, CHURCH*, KOMPRESSION, + Versed Records

“Deaf child aka Alexis has filmed my music video, helped me with my marketing, and knows all the ins and outs of the music business. Knowing her has helped me relax! I would recommend her to anyone who wants to become a successful artist. Go Lexie!!!! Keep it up.”

- Julie Do, Feb 2018 Facebook Review | Vocalist

"Her professionalism has helped me advance my model making page to a point where I am light years ahead of where I thought I would be at this point."


- Dreux Blalock, Dec 2020 Facebook Review | Collectable Model Artist

"Alexis does an amazing job creating & maintaining marketing content for her clients.  She is constantly learning & sharing her knowledge with the world..."

-Sherrie Smith, Dec 2020 Facebook Review | Licensed Massage Therapist

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