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About Deaf Child

Deaf Child is the first Deaf owned marketing team in the United States, company est. 2013.

I am Alexis Larinda Carney (Lexie). AKA "that crazy chick," "always going off," "just trying to get attention," "keeps talking about being Deaf..."

I earned my Bachelor of Science from Loyola University New Orleans in Music Industry Studies & Business Administration + over 50 marketing or sales certifications (49 are currently active). I study how people find, interpret, then act on different forms of communication (semiotics).  I am a Growth Analyst that works with companies to provide the data & tools needed to thrive.


Offering full funnel growth, go to market strategy, development projects, data projects, street team, & PR​​​

I'm a Hard of Hearing 29 year old. Born in Meridian, MS. Moved to Philadelphia, MS when I was 11. Moved to New Orleans, LA when I was 12. Been here ever since.

Deaf Child's mission: make music, bring people together, support communities. Deaf Child is my DBA. The name comes from my complete Deaf Gain in my left ear (partial Deafness in right) since birth. I am Sensorineural Deaf.

My work is named after my nickname and feelings as a Deaf Child raised in a hearing world.​

My Team & I Work Hard


Unfucking My Life

Anyone who knows me knows I struggle with anger management and I really fucking hate people. 

Moving from "family" who would talk me down so hard even trying to tell me I am nothing and telling others I am unemployed even when I was closing $1,000 - $15,000 contracts to a community that fully supports my business showed me that changing your circle can change your whole life.

My Affiliate Team

Alex • Allison • Desireé • Hillary • Jamie • Jenn • Sarah •​ Scott • Sebastian • Veronica

I'm Deaf (HoH), Veronica is Deaf, Scott is Deaf, Sarah is Deaf (HoH), and Hillary is deaf (HoH). Veronica, Scott, and Sarah are fluent signers (ASL | Contact or Pidgin Sign | SimCom).


My Affiliate Team works with me online, plus Shah is my in house IT guy. Shah produces electronic music, plus previously ran a sound rental company.


Is Deaf Child really the 1st Deaf Owned Marketing Team?

Deaf Child is the 1st Deaf owned marketing company that has an in house team. By definition freelancers and consultants are businesses, so if you want to be technical you could say since I am not the first person, I am not the first company. But I did build the first marketing organization with a Deaf owned team.

I am 1 of 4 Deaf Owned Marketing Teams that I know of

There are millions of Deaf people out there, many of us working in the field of marketing. If you want a Deaf owned marketer, but not sure if Deaf Child is right for you, please check out:

1. The first Deaf marketing consultant started 1998, before access to ASL interpreters was legalized by ADA - MJ Williams

2. Deaf women & LGBQTIA+ owned since 2017 (I'm queer as fuck too), Business Experience & User Experience - dozanü

3. Deaf owned graphic design and website company since 2017 - Leap Forward Web

4. Deaf owned marketing company since 2017, Web Dev - Chilmarketing

5. Deaf women entrepreneurs

I've Worked on Projects with:

DBA Deaf Child or as Self - Big Easy Magazine, Dragon's Den, Freret St Fest, Hi Ho Lounge, Jefferson Parish Environmental, Jerry Garcia Band Cover Band (JGBCB), J-Ink Productions, Joey Van Leeuwen, Julie Do, Machine Kids, MPB Jazz, Nemes, New Orleans Musicians' Clinic, Nick Serena (Astro Inn), Niklas Stadler, Nola Cantina, Outburst Consulting, Paper Bison, Santa Barbara Records, Shah, Simple Play Presents, The Howlin' Wolf, The Khan Law Firm, The Law Office of Christopher Szeto, The Orpheum Theatre, Tipitina's, Treme Coffeehouse, Vibe Doctors, Zoogma, 504 Experience, 504 Experience Tours

Seriously Sik Sound Rentals - Elsa, Ky, Museum of New and Old Art, Nola Healing Center, Nondi

Horn & Tail EDM Co - Christian Martin, Chuck Love, Claude VonStroke, DJ Madd, Doc Martin, Gina Turner, Ivy Lab, Juss B, Justin Martin, N-Type, LTJ Bukem, Marbs & Porkchop (Desert Hearts), OM Unit, Roni Size, Scuba, Seven 

• Full Funnel Growth - Body Sculpt, CEED, Echo Cast, InMode, Tea Forte, Quality Water Group

Funk Baby - Bowery South, Jammy Packs, Jazz in the Park, Mannie Fresh, Robert Glasper Experiment

Munck Entertainment - Jazz Fest Live

• & more -  View a project case study! 

About the Deaf Child Name

When my mom found out I was Deaf, they asked her about noticing that I couldn't hear her. She said I have three kids none of them listen to me! 

This concept of falling through the cracks in suppo