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Alexis Larinda Carney (Lexie) is a hard of hearing musician, marketer, and manager. She struggles from financial stress as an independent songwriter with no private funding or guide. The first person in her family to graduate college, she put together a team to promote sustainable art. 

Deaf Child's mission: make music, bring people together, and support communities. The name comes from Lexie's complete loss of usable hearing in her left ear (partial loss in right) since birth. She earned her Bachelor of Science from Loyola University New Orleans in Music Industry Studies plus Business Administration. Her songs explore future folk and electro blues.

It takes a village: Shah produces electronic music plus runs Seriously Sik sound rentals. Cristina advocates Deaf culture and fair access to ASL interpretation.

Guest bloggers:

• Adiéallā Éyaht Soho • Andrew Potthast • Carolyn Heneghan • Lyndz Carney • Victoria Carney

Interviews about Deaf Child:

• Be New Orleans | 365 New Orleans: Deaf Child | April 2019

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• James Lambert Consulting | You are Homer, Your Business Plan is the Odyssey | August 2017

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Inspiration from: 

•Karen Lozinksi | How Artists Influence Communities | March 2018

Candid appearances:

• BuzzFeed | 28 Reasons why New Orleans Rules all Year Long | May 2013 

• Nola.com | New Orleans March Against White Supremacy hot but Peaceful | August 2017 

• Very Local New Orleans | Photos: Marching Krewes Dance to get the Blood Flowing, Literally | August 2019

Member of: 

• Loyola University New Orleans | Alumni Association | May 2016

• The Organ Grinders | Sexah Monkey | July 2018

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