I flourish through signs

Deaf Child is the first Deaf owned marketing company in the United States, est. 2013

I am Alexis Larinda Carney (Lexie). AKA "that crazy chick," "always going off," "just trying to get attention," "keeps talking about being Deaf..."


I'm a Hard of Hearing 28 year old. Born in Meridian, MS. Moved to Philadelphia, MS when I was 11. Moved to New Orleans, LA when I was 12. Been here ever since.

Deaf Child's mission: make music, bring people together, support communities. Deaf Child is my DBA. The name comes from my complete Deaf Gain in my left ear (partial Deafness in right) since birth.

My work is named after my feelings as a Deaf Child raised in a hearing world. I am 3rd Generation Sensorineural Deaf.

I earned my Bachelor of Science from Loyola University New Orleans in Music Industry Studies plus Business Administration. I study how people find, interpret, then act on different forms of communication (semiotics). 

My team: Shah produces electronic music, plus previously ran a sound rental company. Cristina is not only integral for day to day operations, but also a Deaf mother of five. She is an advocate for Deaf Culture and ASL access.

Is Deaf Child really the 1st Deaf owned marketing company?

Deaf Child is the 1st Deaf owned marketing company that has an in house Deaf team. By definition freelancers and consultants are businesses, so if you want to be technical you could say since I am not the first person, I am not the first company. But I did build the first marketing organization with a Deaf team. There are millions of Deaf people out there, many of us working in the field of marketing. If you want a Deaf owned marketer, but not sure if Deaf Child is right for you, please check out:

1. The first Deaf marketing consultant started, 1998 before interpreters were legalized by ADA - MJ Williams

2. Deaf owned marketing company since 2017 - Chilmarketing

3. Deaf women entrepreneurs 


Online Payments and Financial Support:

​• Cash App $AlexisLarinda

​• PayPal via deafchildpresents@gmail.com 

​• Venmo @Alexis-Carney

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Big Easy Magazine | The Heart of Business is Femininity | October 2018


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