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Member Monday


Featured in's Member Monday series on Facebook

The summarized interview below was published by without edit from myself, and features some misconceptions about my deafness/hearing range... They published:

"Alexis Larinda Carney is 26 years old and has lived in New Orleans since the age of 12. At the age of 6 she found out she has sensorineural hearing loss. Her conditions didn't come as too much of a surprise since it has been common in her family. Carney has no usable hearing in her left ear and has damage in her right starting at 8,000 hz, resulting in only 20% of the normal hearing range. Being diagnosed so young Carney wasn't able to receive hearing aids until the age of 24. She had tried them at age 12, but was informed by Shea Ear Clinic that there would never be hearing aids for her condition because of the nerve damage. She loves her hearing aids and the experience they allow her to have, but no one ever realizes the expenses of the daily maintenance and the discomfort of having the feeling of qtips in your ears all day, said Carney. She is constantly relying on all her other senses, but being a dancer, singer, writer, latte artist, performer, and marketer she gets to understand how her brain processes information and how stimulates affect the brain as well as the technology of the hearing aids. Carney has her own company called Deaf Child, which was named to take pride in how her mind works and to remind herself that she can make a difference no matter how small. We wish you good luck in your journey and to your company in hopes it will help others as well."

My notes:

  1. I no longer speak on my deafness in terms of hearing loss or damage, but in terms of Deaf gain or deaf amplification

  2. I was trying to explain the frequencies of my deafness and the range of my deafness. My deafness does not necessarily start at 8,000 hz (though I do have deafness at 8,000 hz).

  3. It's not that I couldn't get hearing aids cause of how young I was. It's that technology for my type of deafness did not exist for hearing aids, not only when I was diagnosed but for a decade later.

  4. I did not try hearing aids at Shea Ear Clinic, that is simply where I was told it would not be possible for me to use hearing technology. And technically I was still 11 then.

  5. They were asking me about things I do, so I told them about everything I did at the time and how semiotics is what brings it all together: how people interpret and act on different forms of communication. I don't really know where they got stimulate from that, but close enough.

  6. I did really appreciate the well wishes they published at the end.

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