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The Heart of Business is Femininity

Big Easy Magazine


Article written by me published in Big Easy Magazine

Women working on passion-filled projects are keeping it together for their community, despite the lack of credit or gender wage pay gap, from taking care of each other to facing the hard truths. National issues are often ignored as political, nothing to do with what is happening locally. But that is just a way for people to be comfortable with things as they are rather than face what needs to be addressed.

Passion-filled projects focus on the issues that anyone who makes a living from profiting off of the labor of others would want to suppress. Women having free rights may be normalized in society, but women being treated equally as workers is not typical. On the surface, businesses act accepting of all sexual identities. But on the books, the numbers don’t lie.

In a male-dominated work society, the heart of business is femininity. It takes being an active part of a community to survive, not just making money off of whoever possible. If financial worth defines the recognition of work instead of the consequences, then progressive initiatives will always be considered passion-filled projects while corruption gets industry verification. It shouldn’t be a problem for anyone to simply begin treating working women as equals. Even recently, men around the music scene constantly ask, “Whose girlfriend are you?” even in conversations when planning events as if a woman could not possibly be the one making business decisions.

Click here to read the full article written by me published in Big Easy Magazine!


In this Big Easy Magazine article I wrote about some of the work I did with DJ Soul Sister, aka Melissa Webber.

We got into an argument about human rights issues in March 2022. Please note that I do not consider her a value aligned person.

DJ Soul Sister had access to all of the information in this Deaf Child blog when writing her responses to me. Scroll to the end of this to see sources regarding the issues spoken on.

Melissa Webber aka DJ Soul Sister defends funding anti abortion orgs, anti lgbqtia orgs, etc.

Melissa Webber aka DJ Soul Sister defends funding anti abortion orgs, anti lgbqtia orgs, etc.

Melissa Webber aka DJ Soul Sister defends funding anti abortion orgs, anti lgbqtia orgs, etc.

I was not able to save all the screenshots from this convesation, but Melissa Webber how knowingly supported donations to anti abortion orgs, anti lgbqtia+ orgs, and more inhuman organizations is extremely disturbing to me. Even though I wrote positively on her in the past, please understand I do not consider her a safe person to be around. I do not tolerate people like her that contribute to, support, and advocate for musicians funding issues around taking away human rights.

I had saved the conversation to my Twitter, but Twitter account got hacked and I no longer use Twitter at this point.

Here is a photo for evidence I did work with DJ Soul Sister 2014 before and had put her on a pedastal. I know she knew about the human rights issues she was defending and I believe she chose the wording she did to gaslight me on purpose. But then again I was also with people that supported this white woman culturally apporiating locs, and I was still in college and at that time not as aware of things that I am now.

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