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Marketing Notes

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What Are Marketing Mondays class notes about? 

These notes outline how I started my company (without having any money to start with)!


When my mom found out I was Deaf, they asked her about noticing that I couldn't hear her. She said I have three kids none of them listen to me!

This concept of falling through the cracks in support systems has applied to many aspects of my life: healthcare, education, relationships, quality of living, and working conditions.

The idea behind doing business as Deaf Child comes from Deaf Gain and growth. It started out as a way to speak up for people who don't have the resources to speak up for themselves.

Obviously there's the Hard of Hearing aspect. I could keep it light and say that "child" is in the name because I look young or I want to approach problems with a childlike curiosity. But really it is because in some ways I feel like I had to grow up early for myself.

The name Deaf Child is a reminder to not just catch things when they fall between the cracks, but to actively nurture development for a flourishing environment.

I am Alexis Larinda Carney: Lexie is my nickname, Deaf Child is my DBA. My mission is to make music, bring people together, and support communities. Can I help you learn about marketing?

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Marketing Mondays Class notes:

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