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How Artists Influence Communities: Karen Lozinski

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

how artists influence communities, Karen Lozinski photography

Karen Lozinski is an artist/writer/photographer enamored with music. She has spent years working in and around New Orleans music, much of which has been devoted to promoting and documenting brass band culture. Three takeaways, quotes, and further discussion from a conversation with Karen: importance of art, relevance of interactions, as well as acceptance of human condition.

Importance of art:

Art communicates what it means to be alive. Content production involves planning, creating, distributing, analyzing, then repeating experiences. “When I’m sorting and editing, I remember every moment, just about, of the show and what I was thinking and feeling. It’s pretty powerful stuff.” Even when moments just happen, recording those moments while carrying out the design process with intention can have an impact.

Relevance of interactions:

“When it comes to creating, it’s all about where aesthetic meets feeling for me… Can’t do it without the feelings! Always trying to project and be receptive to love, but open to all sorts of emotions and energy when trying to make something beautiful happen!” Capturing emotions for what they are produces raw results. Her art affects people’s lives by exploring common ground while celebrating individuality.

Acceptance of human condition:

She represents humanity’s surface while questioning deeper meanings. “For me, the key is empathy and connecting with and/or identifying with the person in front of the lens… Even if I don’t know them, can I bond with them, even for a moment? Can I make them feel safe, loved, wanted? And can I make a lasting image of them in which their beauty shines through?” Creativity is an interactive, and effective way of leaving something meaningful behind.

Karen’s photography brings people together by recognizing the importance, relevance, and acceptance of what others have gone through. Intangible ideas are converted into palpable impressions through the representation of life by photojournalism. The personal artistic process is fused with memories. How she interacts with others allows openness for productivity. Curiosity provoked by her pictures delves into what it means to be human. As a society people learn from each other. Remember every moment. Project and be receptive to love. Identify with people by making their beauty shine through.


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