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Appreciate People

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

appreciate people

The concept of being self made ignores the energy other people put into a career. It is not possible to be successful alone. No one is anything without anyone else. Rome was not built in a day. DIY projects are for personal arts and crafts, not a career. An array of skilled labor from a capable group of people creates and distributes high quality material for more people. While every project needs someone to give direction, it is how that direction is carried through that determines the value perceived by any community.

Everybody needs help. Inspiration never happens in a vacuum, along with productivity. A person can only handle so much in a given time frame alone. More access to technology, education, strength, and experience is available for each other when people collaborate together. Assembling a team provides a space for sharing support as well as techniques. Design thinking for innovation, working with others to make shit happen, pools together resources for creative development as a force multiplier to get more done with the same amount of effort. The more effective a force multiplier is, the more effective the business tends to be. All of anyone’s current creative problem solving is based off of what is known from history, and optimized to multiply force through past research and development.

Give credit where it is due. Acknowledge the intent behind the work other people have done to make an experience happen. A plethora of assistance goes into any professional advancement. Thank yous go a long way towards showing appreciation. Compensation, as well as public recognition, further demonstrates gratitude. There is no such thing as doing business by oneself. Without other people there is no business. Honor everybody’s status. People need each other to keep going.



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