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Let's Agree to Disagree

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

Let's Agree to Disagree, New Orleans Deaf Child Music Industry Blog

This post is for music industry workers who need lawyers. Anyone who is not happy with their counsel or has no representation needs a lawyer they trust. Every artist’s team has a different structure, involves a different plan, and includes each person’s own legal concerns. Contracts are what outline and keep everything else going. As important as these agreements are to business, the mistakes are often made of waiting until relationships go bad or not paying attention to the terms when signing off.

The worst things anyone can do is sign a contract before seeking legal counsel or not have contracts in place at all. If someone wants a contract signed before it is looked over, they are potentially a shady person to do business with. Not putting anything in writing can be another red flag for future problems. Lawyers often save ass before anything goes wrong. They are also there to keep saving ass when trouble happens. If finances are an issue many lawyers will do payment plans and not charge until work is completed.

Getting a lawyer is the number one way to protect a business. Hammer out any problems and decide if everything is good, whether negotiations need to happen, or if to walk away before work starts by going through the process of contracts. Sometimes it might also be useful to include the legalese version of an oh shit or get out clause, what happens if someone wants to void the contract. It is more beneficial for everyone to discuss potential ends while the team is happy versus if anyone becomes upset. Let’s agree to disagree and have lawyers make it official.


The above content was published for the purpose of structural organization and is not legal advice or a substitute for legal advice. Seek an attorney if needed.

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