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U Can't Touch This

Updated: Sep 16, 2022

U Can't Touch This, Jeff Pounds Photography, New Orleans Deaf Child Music Industry Blog

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They should not be out partying late. They should not be too inebriated. They are asking for it if they are dressed provocatively. It is not a big deal for someone to just grab another person. If it was only once for just a minute it is alright. They are being dramatic. They are being emotional. If they cannot prove they were assaulted it did not happen. Being public about what happened is disrespectful and petty. It was not a big deal so get over it.

Particularly in the music industry rape culture is not only ignored, but also accepted. Sexual violence, assault, and harassment are so normalized in society that people excuse unwanted touching, fondling, or grabbing with dismissive patriarchal ideals. Does this mean they do not consider being punched in the face assault? The mentality of not treating others like human beings is systemic. Details about a person are brought up as a way to dehumanize the idea of someone being violated in order to justify those actions from physical appearance to career choices to personal interests.

There is no excuse for being a predator or rationalizing a predator’s behavior. Victim blaming does not shift responsibility. It is on people to hold sexual predators accountable for their actions. There should not be cover ups to keep having a good time regardless of what was done to someone else. Who can be relaxed if they are not in a safe environment with trustworthy people? How is someone good with acting like someone did not do something while continuing to socialize with them? Can’t touch this.


Photo by Jeff Pounds


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