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Feeling in Gaps

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

Feeling in Gaps, Jeff Pounds Photography, Deaf Child Music Industry Blog, New Orleans Street Team

Conversation during a loud firework show is nearly impossible. The frequencies that the popping makes range from ear piercingly high pitched to low thundering roars. Only in between the turbulence can bits and pieces of what someone else said be understood.

Grasping the meaning of words that actually make sense can be overwhelming when sounds mostly blend together. Another conversation to keep up with may have already begun by the time what can be heard becomes clear enough to comprehend. This is an example of the day to day auditory struggle for some people who have hearing loss.

How is communication possible when talking to someone is more like waiting for a video to buffer on a slow internet connection than reality? Sign language may not be taught mainstream, yet regardless of hearing ability it is human nature to instinctively feel in the gaps. Over stimulation may complicate clarity, but people automatically respond to vibes.

Interaction from a Deaf perspective is insightful for seeing eye to eye with others. Emotions are the root of making decisions. People sense their own unfulfilled needs and desires. Recognizing intuition makes it easier to figure out what someone is saying.

How can a sentimental approach influence the synergy of a moment? Mannerisms are how people physically tell their story. The expression “a heart to heart” exists because sincerity is the basic building block of candor. Being upfront with others starts with self awareness.


Photo by Jeff Pounds

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