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Deaf Awareness Month

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

Deaf Awareness Month, New Orleans Deaf Child Vlog

A bit on ASL about why a Deaf person may be mad about sign: Reasons to learn sign language explained as politely as possible.

Deaf Child photo taken by Claire Rayes.


About me: Hi, My name is Lexie, my business is called Deaf Child, and I want to do a video for Deaf awareness month. I’m hard of hearing. I wear hearing aids. Inside my family Deafness is genetic. But no one in my family knows any sign. Hearing people leave the Deaf out of the conversation. Before I met my first Deaf friends I had not met someone who wanted to understand me. My sign needs work, but ASL is my favorite language. As I learn ASL I feel like I can communicate with a language for me to be equal as a person. I know what’s happening too. I need to learn much more. The best way to help Deaf people is teach everyone sign and Deaf culture. I hope my blog is a way. Thank you for your time.

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