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Lock and Key

Free Your Art, Lock and Key, Deaf Child Blog

Some say the truth sets them free. Not in America.

Lies are a disease that spread like malaria.

Under lock and key means either safety or imprisonment.

Innocent until proven guilty? Or guilty until proven innocent?

What was the crime anyway? What makes a criminal have to pay?

Just trying to take it day by day. Only hoping to have a say.

How many cages for others to see?

There’s no place to be if freedom isn’t free.

How many mistreated for the world to care?

Injustice anywhere threatens justice everywhere.


Free Your Art has featured on going coverage of mass incarceration: from white privilege to the multi billion dollar industry that fuels the flames of racial injustices, income disparity, and means of dehumanization.

Coming up: what art has to do with these systemic issues, how artists can help, limitations to art’s influence, and case studies.

Further Reading:

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