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People Need Help

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

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Some businesses build a better community. Others take advantage of whatever privileges society has to offer. The system has earned a negative reputation from administrators who are supposed to serve and protect, but use influence to leverage people’s quality of life for profit.

Entities involved in mass incarceration make a killing off people for trying to get by in conditions resulting from their political landscape. Rather than use funds to take care of people, state budgets are disproportionately spent on defending assets behind industries with big money.

When the solution to reductions in mass incarceration rates become to charge more across the board for imprisonment while detaining prisoners for as long as possible, turnover rates become exchanged with retention rates rather actually resolving core issues.

People need help. By criminalizing them, they are being dissociated with as a means of accepting their mistreatment. Public wellbeing starts with taking care of each other rather than using people as a means to an end in providing jobs. The true value to be created lies in offering healing based on developing strengths, not exploiting weaknesses.



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