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Split Between

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

Every entrepreneur has to deal with the commingling of personal and professional worlds because jobs exist to support people. Doing business as another entity can get confusing when talking about the self versus the company versus the self as the company. The line is even blurrier for sole entrepreneurships. As a freelancer the essentials to any elevator pitch are personal background, company mission, role in company, and call to action. More on that later.

Say this three times fast: businesses doing business with other businesses want to know about each other’s business. This is why relationships between business people (especially independent contractors) are often compared to dating, marriage, and sometimes even parental or sibling bonds. Lives ultimately become intertwined in any industry. On one hand there is a definable schism between the person, the business, and person doing business that is compartmentalized as a way to focus on one task at a time. On the other hand are the consequences of every action company decisions make for the people involved.

In a world where actions are dismissed as just doing business, the paradox of tolerance is used as a tool for accepting or rejecting certain conditions. Dissociation may be a coping mechanism for dealing with the implications of harmful business practices. Becoming present in the moment with a hands on approach is the solution for actively making healthy choices. Everyone reaches points of being split between two worlds when they are struggling to accept that their home and work lives are ultimately one and the same. People can give themselves needed space for mindfulness by reconciling conflicts of interest.



Stay tuned for a more personal perspective.

A blog on freelance elevator pitches is on the list for upcoming posts.

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