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When Hearing Claim Deaf Lie

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

When Hearing Claim Deaf Lie, Ginja Ninja, Aaron Schwieger

So Aaron Schwieger aka Ginja Ninja decided to tell me "You're not even deaf you're a whole persona is a lie you lie to get attention you speak poorly on everyone everyone you don't have any marketing skills at all you have screwed over everyone who has tried to yelp you You are a human waste product and you aint go no body put some clothes on" on this photo on my Instagram.

When Hearing Claim Deaf Lie, Ginja Ninja, Aaron Schwieger

November 2005 Audiogram for Alexis Carney, When Hearing Claim Deaf Lie, Ginja Ninja, Aaron Schwieger

June 2018 Audiogram for Alexis Carney, When Hearing Claim Deaf Lie, Ginja Ninja, Aaron Schwieger

1. I am Deaf. Being Hard of Hearing or able to speak doesn't make me less Deaf. Here are 2 of my audiograms, dated 11 and a half years apart. Taken at two different locations. Do you think all of us are lying? I get MORE DEAF over time!

2. Let's read the comments on that last audiological evaluation, shall we? Note that it says Essentially normal peripheral hearing sensitivity, moderate to profound sensorineural hz [referring to my type of deafness which is known as sensorineural], decreased speech understanding. Telling a Deaf person that their Deaf identity is a fake persona, telling a deaf person they are not deaf is ableism and discrimination against Deaf people.

3. I don't know what you think I am lying about. Sick fucks like you are why Deaf awareness needs more attention.

4. This posting comes as Aaron Schweiger defends Jason Mitchell aka Sugar Bear for robbing and assaulting others publicly (the Dabmaster stage of Put Up or Shut Up).

5. I can establish the validity of anything I have tried to get public attention on. Men accusing women of lying on rape is so gaslighting. To deny that Jason didn't assault someone and rob artists in front of every person attending that event is so gaslighting.

6. If this post is referring to my blog in general: which calls out my rapist, the people that covered up my rape, ableism, police brutality, how the music industry contributes to funding anti abortion, anti lgbqtia+, anti marijuana, anti indigenous rights, anti climate change, pro gun legislation....

7. Then I have a witness in regards to my rape that I spoke on, I can link the people I call out to my rapist (publicly), hearing people don't get to have opinions on how deaf people respond to ableism, if you don't understand police brutality wtf, I literally have direct sources for every music industry org I called out on human rights issues.

8. The fact that my blog posts rank at all show I have SEO skills; the fact that my company is the 1st Deaf owned marketing team in the U.S. and coming up on 10 years shows I have sustainability; the ad scale I have managed, my returns, and the client retention I have shows I have profitability.

9. I don't have any bad reviews from any actual clients or anyone who has actually worked with me. I have paid every person I have ever worked with. At the end of Dec 2018 when my shows weren't doing well, I paid my artists 2 weeks late, stopped doing anymore shows, and wrote about it on my blog.

10. I don't know who I screwed over? I spent thousands promoting every artist that ever worked with me, and I paid each of them the very high fees I valued them at that they charged me for. I spent tens of thousands of dollars paying artists to perform, thousands to promote, and have receipts for all of it.

11. The 2 connections I have with Aaron Schwieger 1.are a client that left me a good review, 2. and a promoter that assaulted my person, plus didn't pay him, as well as 4 other artists, that Aaron defends soo.

12. If you call calling people out for human rights issues screwing people over you cannot claim you are at all a decent person in this day and age.

13. You can't even find me on Yelp.

14. The artists that I spent thousands on promoting are all part of the ones that covered up my rape that I ended up calling out. So it's really funny you accuse me of screwing them over when they are literally one of the reasons my rapist got away with it.

15. The one person that has helped me the most is in my life and I tell them how grateful I am for them everyday. I have several other delightful people including my affiliates helping me right now. So I don't know why you think I have bad relationships with people that actually help me.

16. If you want to be weird about our parents' excrements, we are all human waste products.

17. To call someone a human waste product after you discriminate against them as a deaf person, imply they are lying about their witnessed rape, dismiss speaking out on human rights, disregard a public assault and theft, shows how cognitive dissonant you are in regards to reality and how little social issues actually impact you.

18. Do you understand how deeply misogynistic you are to tell a woman she has no body and to put some clothes on? If I don't have a body I guess I didn't post this blog. A ghost did it. Not a body.

19. I love my body. I think I have cute little nipples, and I love the way my tattoo goes up and down on my ass when I move like a little fist bump. ASL for I love you is one of my favorite signs.

20. This is just the way my body is. I have a little extension in my lower stomach like many women where my uterus is, my butt has slight curvature, my hips do give an hourglass figure, and am otherwise pretty bony.

21. Was malnourished most of my life, and now I'm finally starting to gain weight!

22. Even being bony I have always had a nice little butt though. And I don't think there's anything wrong with having little boobs. I love em! I got cute nipples, they don't bounce too much, and I don't have the back pain my friends do (sorry guys).

So all this to say, I truly think Aaron Schwieger aka Ginja Ninja is an unsafe person to be around in regards to ableism, misogyny, rape culture, assault, theft, general social awareness. If I were you I would stay the fuck away from him. I know I will.

Because When hearing people claim Deaf lie,

hearing people put Deaf at risk

hearing people deny Deaf access

hearing people treat Deaf with brisk

hearing people deny Deaf justice

For anyone to think because a deaf person can speak they are not deaf in world where we are forced to be oralized is sooo fucked up. Beyond words. All deaf people have various levels of communication and languages because of Deaf history, audism, and eradication of our culture. That's why these issues are so triggering! Some speak, some sign, some both, some neither, all of us are a spectrum. Hoh is Deaf too. Deaf is a spectrum. Not all Deaf people have the privilege of getting diagnosed, that's why many deaf are left without access. For you to claim any deaf person lies threatens the access of all deaf people in everyday life. People like this are why I don't have access anywhere and why I had to make my own access in the music marketing community.

All my life I struggled to be educated, to work, to have rights in healthcare. Not a single aspect of my quality of living is left untouched by my Deafness. So sincerely, to anyone who questions a deaf identity in this way ever, FUCK YOU.

Aaron Schwieger and April Rose Aucoin were made for each other.

April Rose Aucoin denies my deafness, ableism, audism, discrimination

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