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High Risk


High Risk

Boutique Service Options

PR Packages, Retainers, Business Plans, & Copywriting pricing starts at $1500 (please either book a strategy session or contact me to start discussions on scope & price)

Preset Prepaid Tab - $2000 a month, Support Group, Cookbook, Wing Woman Combo with Consultations (Subscriber Support Group, Cookbook, & Wing Woman plans do not have consultations)


I recommend only investing in high risk services if you: A.) Can Invest to Grow

  1. you are starting up a new business, project, brand, campaign, etc.

  2. PLUS you already have a large enough budget to comfortably risk in build out costs;


B.) Have a Stable System to Scale

  1. your current ROAS, MER, and/or Contribution Margin is profitable

  2. your current revenue offers you a budget surplus after covering all necessary operating expenses

  3. AND the cost of the service is able to be invested without a direct connection to sales.