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15 Minute Consultation


15 minutes


Efficiently expand your sales over time in rapid sessions with curated growth services.

After determining your company requirements, we collaborate to develop strategies that add value.


I use a balance of value based pricing (when you justify your cost by what goes into the offer), and market based pricing (when you justify your costs by what else is on the market). For example, I can be doing hours of work to follow up for every 15 minutes we meet + I have a team that work in shifts on your case as well.


There are consultations available for your specific needs:

$69 Special Quickie

Fifteen Minutes

$150 Evolving

30 Minutes

$300 Accelerating

1 Hour

$600 Flourishing

2 Hours

Consultations give you meeting time, relevant summary reporting, meeting notes, & optional video material.

Not sure if a consultation is right for you? Consider a live stream meeting...

Pay What You Want

Free Live Stream Meeting


I also collaborate with or outsource other marketing companies on your behalf for execution on services such as web development, graphic design, ad buying, and more.

The costs of your marketing spend are not included in any pricing, except for PR packages, retainers, & trial/demo including the price of syndication.

I only do consultations, copywriting, PR, and reports in house. I can outsource for everything else to oversee the process on your behalf when needed. 


Click here to go to 15 minute consultation online booking calendar page.

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