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Content Moderation & Age Verification for Lexcapade Forum

I do not need to verify ID for people who I know are of age.

The following information and requests are in accordance with the following legal and platform policies:

  1. Adult Sites on Wix

  2. Wix Payments: Prohibited Products and Services

  3. Louisiana House Bill No. 142

Content Moderation:

  • Chic Body Art, Boudoir, Escapism, Fantasy, Mystic Realism, Vogue

  • The Content is Abstract and Depends on Perceptions of Viewers

  • No Archetype is Purposely Portrayed, Just Personal Expression

  • Full Compliance with Adult Prohibited Wix Payment Terms

  • Strangers Must Verify Age In Case LA Law HB 142 Applies

  • If I Actually Know You, You Do Not Need to Verify Age

  • The Lexcapade Forum is Not a Pornographic Exhibit

  • You Can Set Your Profile to Private

  • There May be Alluring Material

18+ Content Verification: I only need to confirm that your ID name matches the name you give me, and that your age is over 18. I do not need any other information from your ID if you would like to redact/edit/cover/sensor all other personal data. For people who have dead names, you may sign up with your real name (that you identify as), then confirm with me your age and identity.

Your options to verify that you are over 18 are:

  • Share ID Pic Link via Drive, Dropbox, etc. in site chat or by submitting the link on your "my accounts page"

  • You may schedule a strategy session if you want to show me ID quickly over a video meet

  • Can Submit a Disappearing IG DM to Confirm ID

  • When ID is Checked I No Longer Need Access

  • I Will Confirm When ID is Checked

I am not trying to make anything obscene or pornographic, and do not consider my art porn.

My intention is to not offend anyone by making sure full consent is received to view the cathartic type of lifestyle content shown.