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Closed Captions in Discord

If you need closed captions on desktop, please use Discord with the site linked here also pulled up on your screen or if you are on Google Chrome there is a live captioner extension on Chrome.

To add captions on mobile:

  • Android:

    • Click a volume button on the side of your phone that controls phone volume

    • Click the menu to open up all controls phone, call, ringtone, etc volume

    • In the top left of that screen click the square icon to toggle captions from the phone on or off

    • I know this works because I have an Android

  • iOS

    • I don’t have an iPhone so I googled this. Someone let me know if this doesn’t work

      • Go to Settings

      • Then Accessibility

      • And you should be able to access Subtitles and Captioning there

Either way, when all else fails for getting captions online, what I do personally is pull up a Google Meet, add CC, share the screen for the window/screen/tab I wanted captioned, and watch from there....

  • Watch in Google Meets

    • Make a video chat in Google calendar for just yourself

    • Open up the meeting and click share screen

    • Click on share tab

    • Share the tab with the video

    • Press play on the video

    • Then click the view tab: button

    • Turn on Closed Captions if you haven’t already