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Updated: Aug 23, 2022

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Think of a website as Google Maps for people to find what they are looking for. The front end web design acts as satellite Google Earth view while the back end coding is like a blueprint of the infrastructure as the road map view. Content builds the framework the maps display. Mobile optimization provides global access across all devices. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) represents the landmarks that help anyone realize where they are at in both map types.

Regardless of function in the music industry, it is almost as if websites are a demonstration of Google Maps built with digital legos. While every site has its own design, there are common elements that make up the structural integrity of each one. Resembling city planners, website curators organize both the support and the presentation of ideas to be carried out for people’s use. SEO makes sure that all digital roads on the map not only lead someone somewhere they want to go, but also take searchers on the journey they were looking for.

Both websites and the foundations on which architecture is built can be whatever needed for whoever needed. As a collection of landmarks giving people the information to decide if they are where they want to be, SEO determines the implications of a page’s relevance to the destination pursued. Keywords are the streets people take to end up where they are going, and the streets Google crawls in order to give a list of compatible places to go. Submitting sites to search engine indices gives bots the directions they need to go to (and hopefully list) those pages.  

Specific keyword phrases that people search for are called long tail due to the potential greater number of possible results. About three or five words, they allow relevant data to be found for the particular concepts as well as the broad terms that make up the keywords. Searching for New Orleans Deaf Child brings up info on the Deaf Child company and/or local links for Deaf children resources around the Greater New Orleans area. An online store can be easier for someone to find if keywords are in all page titles, item descriptions, URLs, alt tags for product images, and page descriptions with logo uploaded as a favicon when submitted to any directory.

User experience is the ultimate deciding factor for positive action. No matter what a site may be for in the music industry, or whatever kinds of pages might be beneficial to develop, mixing common practices with personalized messages allows individualization of techniques among a proven system. Optimized websites are online business plans to increase traffic, reduce bounce rates, and continue relationships by keeping people engaged. Test adjustments to a sustainable SEO checklist for the music industry.

Sustainable Music Industry SEO Checklist



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