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How to Raise Prices

how to raise prices | new orleans deaf child music marketing | so if you're trying to raise your prices, this one is for you! the way I started selling 4 to 5 figure deals...

What can you do if you want to raise your prices and/or create high ticket offers? The way I did this for myself when I was starting out was to reach out to other professionals for their expertise.

I learned a lot from others in marketing, sales, and growth analysis. I received invaluable mentorship for positioning an offer and following through.

The key piece of information that connected the dots for me in selling was understanding pricing strategies and methodologies that determine what numbers are factored into how much you charge based on cost, market, and value.

Confidence is competence, because it means trusting that you know what you are doing. If customers don’t perceive you as confident, they will find someone they think is. By understanding your offer’s costs, people can make more informed choices for their lifestyle.

Watch the video below to find out more about cost, market, and value based pricing!


Click here for link to the video in this post in case of any technical difficulties.

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