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Compensate What You Contemplate

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

Compensate what you contemplate, make money as an artist

Artists not only struggle emotionally, but also financially. From busking to venue performances, the cycle of not getting paid to play is endless. This can be broken by focusing on three steps:

1. Generate value

Keep making ya art, you do you. Learn all you can. Make what you can with what you got. Never stop trying to do better and always aim to provide higher quality material. Demonstrate the value you create. Brand awareness is intertwined with recognition, recall, and loyalty.

2. Communicate message

People move towards things that are desirable and away from things that aren't. Promote your art, and you will meet the right people to talk about your message. An offer cannot be considered if it is not on the table, so always share call to actions that support your current projects.

3. Request sale

Marketing attracts people, but sales are how people take your art home. Your target market should know about your company plus what it does by the time the decision stage is reached. Name your price for the resources put into your efforts, and the people who understand the value will buy.

Increasing revenue pays off. There's only so much Jameson available when keeping track of the resources it takes to create art. Serve more customers. Upsell for bigger transactions. Make sales more frequently. Only increase your prices if you have to or want to. Generate value, communicate message, then request sale to support sustainability.


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