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Deaf Child, Joshua Bertucci, Jam Session, Trapped lyrics and video

In the dawn of time

In the dawn of my mind

Where is it that I will find

A place to be

A place for me

A place of sweet entity

Where things grow

Where things flow

A safe place for me to go

No people or fights

No helpless nights

No radical rights

Just me and a song

Just where I belong

Where nothing goes wrong

And here I am in all this mess

Here I am drowning in your stress

Mindless, Careless, Hopeless

In this corrupted bloom

In this heartless room

Where all those people loom

I’m so, so small

And they’re so, so tall

They merge into a brick wall

Warring before me

Filled with greed

Please Please set me free!


Please get in touch with any tips. Also down to collaborate!

As resources for music become available, updates of lyrics and recordings will be posted to the blog for a look at potential prgress. I wrote Trapped when I was 11.

The best thing about working on music for so long is finding which parts of your work speaks to you over time.

By posting this work using what basic materials are available, I hope to provide an example of how research and development flourishes on a different timeline for everyone.

Vocals are too loud on video below. Turn the volume so keys are super soft during intro then adjust after it sounds like nails on a chalkboard (if that shit ever ends).

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