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Eco-Friendliness with Benefits

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

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The collective efforts of the entire music community can add up as the results of individual actions, bringing about measurable global environmental change, by committing to a sustainable future both on and off stage. In 2010, the UK Sustainable Development Commission was dismantled as part of the government's spending cuts. In the US, Republican efforts to defund the entire Environmental Protection Agency risk even greater climate change threats. While national governments' lack of action and corrupt leadership is stressful to think about, the progressive initiatives of innovative companies are encouraging.

People save money, improve profitability, and enhance competitiveness when businesses prevent or reduce physical waste, increase energy efficiency, or improve resource productivity. There are far too many companies still delaying creating a green business system, arguing that it will be too much money upfront or require costly long term capital investments. Some people remain stuck in the environmental sustainability is expensive mindset. Being eco-friendly does not have to cost money. Going green saves expenses at the same time that it generates cash, provided that management adapts and evolves with the program. In most companies, regular economic and environmental developments are separate strategic business units and sometimes even come into conflict with each other. This is one of the biggest opportunities missed across most industries.

According to business consultant/author Keivan Zokaei, fortyseven studies from the Economist Intelligence Unit, Goldman Sachs, AT Kearney, Deloitte, MIT Sloan, Harvard and others show that companies that commit to goals such as zero waste, zero harmful emissions, and zero use of non-renewable resources are financially outperforming their competitors. The report puts the return on investment for green resourcefulness at 233%. From biodiesel tour buses to sizable donations for environmental causes, musicians are designing environmentally sustainable businesses with an industry to support them all the way.

Four concepts to apply eco-friendliness with benefits to freelance underground music:

1. Create a platform for an active community of musicians, music industry leaders, and avid music listeners all focused on addressing environmental issues.

2. Take part in environmental sustainability in the music business through touring, venue, and recording procedures, resource development, green grants, and multimedia promotions.

3. Inspire sustainable green music to support and inform the efforts of the scene and advocate for issues in the industry through music for social change.

4. Provide environmental nonprofits with a platform for their cause.

A common claimed factor affecting progress for eco-friendly entertainment business is financing. There is a huge misconception that to build environmentally sustainable industries people have to spend a shit ton of money before ever seeing any type of return on investment. But when businesses spend their initial capital wisely, and reinvest in/replace their assets with conscious purchasing, the rewards reap themselves.



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