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Strategic Reinvestment

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

strategic reinvestment, green the scene, maya jevans illustrations

Al Gore’s speech on Investing in the Transition to a Sustainable Economy during Collision Tech Conference this year inspired thousands of entrepreneurs snuggled in with anticipation, like kids enchanted by a really intense bedtime story. As previous Green the Scene posts have shown, upfront costs associated with environmental sustainability can feel daunting, especially when it is only after the money is spent that a return on the investment can be made. Even though our current environmental crisis (combined with financial stress) is alarming, Al Gore is teaching the world that reinvesting strategies allow accessibility for affordable eco-friendliness.

The biggest obstacle motivating environmentally healthy business initiatives is money. With the right resources people can make every aspect of their systems better for the environment by analyzing related factors such as production, distribution, consumption, litter ablation, transportation, and marketing. Regardless of how many practices need changing for green resourcefulness, the gap between system analytics and an ROI of 233% can be closed through reinvesting strategies. Approach investing in eco-friendly technology one step at a time by tackling two lists: first prioritize issues that are immediate environmental threats, then work from easiest to hardest tasks to accomplish. Consider business influences. What is most financially feasible for the budget? What can be replaced or updated with sustainable tech as assets depreciate over time? What environmental damages can be repaired? What additional impacts can any changes have? Research grants, tax breaks, and savings available for relevant industry environmental investments.

While going into detail about statistical climate data off the top of his head, Al Gore stirred the audience’s emotions through the value of the will to change as a renewable resource in the face of negligence by lobbying for large scale policy, technology, business, and cultural reform. Creativity and possibilities arise when people change the way they think about the consequences of their actions. When it is someone’s choice to make the world a better place versus acting thoughtlessly, problem solving can begin. Follow up design thinking for innovation with funding to implement a green scene.

strategic reinvestment, Green the Scene, Al Gore, Collision tech conference


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