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Learning Environment

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Resources aren’t cheap, especially for eco-friendliness.

The trail of money leads obstacles for progress.

There could always be those that forget humanity’s address.

Green in exchange for green? Trading need for greed?

Motivation either helps others achieve or denies opportunities to succeed.

It is easy to dismiss arts for pleasure, hard to not consume all of a treasure.

Learning environment is stability’s durability.

Earth is not a possession for humanity’s utility.

Treating it as such questions civility’s plausibility.

History says to stand united or fall divided.

But what if the ones who “provided” are misguided?

Put thought into a call to action. Find what’s beyond self satisfaction.

Sharing goes beyond caring.

Doing what’s best can feel daring.

It’s only the future in the face that’s staring.

Does anyone really own what is sewn?

Could life on Earth become unknown?

Who decides what’s worth to teach? Who practices what they preach?

Something is lost.

Following the boss.

There is always a cost.

No matter the price never think twice.

Pulling off a heist means not playing nice.

Nature versus nurture or stature manufacture?

Life is an endeavor.

There’s time forever.

Better late than never.

Making an amend means to comprehend.

A hand to lend is worth more than anyone can spend.

Skills are meant to fulfill, not deals piling up landfills.


A poem about ongoing Green the Scene topics: barriers to education, paradox of tolerance, putting motivation into action, analyzing results, and making changes.

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